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DICA is a non-profit organization, which means our ability to provide care to our cats and kittens is made possible only by donations from people like you!


If you would like donate supplies please feel free to submit a request on our Contact Us page or send us   a message on our Facebook page. Someone will be in contact with you to provide information on how to donate supplies. Using this process will allow us to coordinate storage and distribution of needed supplies efficiently. See our "Amazon Wish List" to determine current prioritized needs.

If you would like to donate money, please use the "Donate" button below to donate via PayPal or credit card.

We are a (501) (C)(3) non- profit program so any donation is tax deductible. 


Donations go towards: 

  • Vet Bills and Fees - We use donations to cover the cost of vet bills and fees for the spay and neuter procedures or for shots and medicine for kitties that come in with illnesses and/or injuries. Even after we release any cats back to colonies we still provide vet care when they are sick.  

  • Food Supplies - We often intake neonatal kittens (1-4 weeks old) and have to provide milk replacement and bottles to our volunteers/ fosters. We also provide food to TNR cats while under our care.

  • Beds/blankets, Litter, Toys, and Carriers - We provide these and various other supplies to our volunteers and fosters as they care for our kittens and cats, whether they are being released back to a colony or waiting for waiting to be adopted. 

  •  Trapping Supplies - Donations are also used for the purchase and maintenance of trapping cages used by volunteers to safely lure, catch and transport feral cats as part of our TNR program.

              Donations are greatly appreciated.

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